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Terms & Condition of the Mailing List Company

Terms & Condition – You do acknowledge that various Federal, state or local laws apply which may allow civil penalties for inappropriate usage of Mailing, Phone & Fax list. And the buyer will be completely responsible for any such use of the list acquired from Star-List Marketing Solution.

Payment & Guarantee: Customer agrees to personally guarantee that all debt incurred under valid signed contract in accordance with the total face value of the proposed contract.  All orders must be guaranteed by a valid US Credit Card MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover.   Any and all defaulted amounts owed per contract will be debited to the guaranteeing representative or officer’s credit card. Default occurs 10 days after a payment date is missed, although all orders must be prepaid, a single exception may be made if made with owner of STAR-LIST.COM. Only in this manner will Star-List Solutions enter in to business relations for the sale of fax lists, data, databases or information or goods and services of any kind.   None of these terms shall prevent Star-List Solutions from suing in the court of its choice to enforce any contract entered into by client.  All data and lists orders are final and non refundable.  In the event that terms are granted, the credit card guarantees by company officer or representative will remain in force







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