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About Mailing List Company

Star-List has 10 Years of experience in providing Business Mailing List, Consumer mailing list, Mortgage Leads, phone list and fax list. Being the leading mailing list company in US, we compile all kind of consumer mailing list and business mailing list for USA and international use. We have more then 12M records in Business mailing List and around 128M in Consumer mailing List.


Star-List provides these mailing lists through internet FTP uploads, email attached, CD-ROM, DVD, diskettes and mailing labels. Our customer includes small to medium size business, sales person, home office operators, and small mailing list companies.


For last 10 years we have helped our client reaching their growth target they always wanted. We help profile their customer, identify potential market, obtain the corresponding data and reach their customer in most effective way. Unlike other mailing list companies Star-List provides its customer end to end Direct Marketing solution.


Star-List is privately owned Mailing List Company. We have offices in Virginia, California, Florida, UK and India. Our headquarters are located in Falls Church, VA.




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