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Mortgage Leads

We have one of the biggest databases for mortgage leads with records as old as 10 years. These mortgage Leads are Updated and cleaned frequently. Depending upon the state and counties the update frequency of these Mortgage Leads vary from weekly to monthly.  


Available selects for Mortgage Leads are

  • Mortgage Leads by Geo Criteria State, Zip, county, city, MSA, SCF.

  • Mortgage Leads by Amount, Date, Interest Rates, Lender, Sub-prime.

  • Mortgage Leads by Type FHA/VA, Reverse Mortgage, Refinance.

  • Home Owners by length of residence, Single Family, Single mom.

  • Mortgage Leads by property Characteristics - townhouse, condo, apartments, mobile home, year built, swimming pools, living area, lot size etc.

  • Mortgage leads by - Ethnicity, gender, birthdays, ages, children, marital status, median income, household income, wealth code, mail order.

Partner with Star-List to find most lucrative prospects. Reach your customer with a most accurate and fresh leads.


Target the home owners paying more then 8% interest rate, sub prime, refinances, FHA / VA, etc.


Available selects include complete address, counties, Use of the property, Date of purchase, Lender, Amount, period of stay, finance, interest rate, Due date, etc.


Call US at 1 800 808 LIST or 1 800 808 5478 for free mortgage leads samples, counts, price quotes or any questions.

Click here for detailed Mortgage Leads Data Card.


1 800 808 LIST or 1 800 808 5478

or E-Mail sales@star-list.com

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We are responsive. Write a mail to      sales@star-list.com



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